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The Trouble With Clothes Shopping, as Written by Derek Jarman

rexfeatures_206565aj It is a fever dream of a film, a restless assemblage of images tinted Jarman-esque hues: Madonna and child flee the paparazzi across Kent’s wild beaches; gay men are handcuffed, and tortured, then resurrected; a figure lies lifeless at the water’s edge, ringed with sacred flames. It is a film about being gay, and ill – in 1986, Jarman has been diagnosed with HIV; three years after The Garden was released, in 1994, he would pass away, following a lineage of friends and lovers already gone.  In 1989, though, when The Garden was presumably already circulating in his mind, Jarman began a diary. Modern Nature , as it would be published as, spans an almost two-year period as the film was being made. Modern Nature is about a garden too – that of Prospect Cottage, his home, which sits on the on the shingle shore of Dungeness, Kent, in the shadow of Dungeness B nuclear power station. Horticulture peppers the text: he names the many flowers he encounters – clematis, forsythia, japonica and camellias all bloom across the pages of Modern Nature – so too the wildlife and weather; where kestrels swirl in the sky and winds rush in from sea. Prospect Cottage becomes his own kind of Eden. “Paradise haunts gardens, and some gardens are paradises,” he said. “Mine is one of them.” This is a garden built from that which has been discarded from life – totems of driftwood, circles of flint, buckets, and shells. Only the hardiest of plantlife will survive here, those that can push their way through the sea-blasted shingle. As Jarman’s illness grows – by the end of the book, he is in hospital for tuberculosis of the liver – the garden becomes something of a memorial to lovers, to friends, to himself, a testament to what can be created when you stretch beyond boundaries. “Would there be a future?” Olivia Laing writes her introduction. “Don’t waste time.

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